Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sizzle was the world's best cat!

Jim and I took to Sizzle yesterday to be euthanized. It was different from when I took Beansie. Beansie died instantly. Sizzle had to have 2 shots. I got to say goodbye to him more completely than Beansie.

I hadn't realized that Jim was so attached to Sizzle. He was very upset.

I will miss Sizzle every day for a long, long time. He was such a part of my life. I couldn't sit down without him jumping up on me. He had lost most of his hearing in the end so I could sneak into the house without him catching me. Then I could read a magazine and leave my good black pants on until he came looking for me. Sizzle demanded all my attention when he sat on me. All I could do was hold him and watch TV.

We buried Sizzle near the mesa and put my cement cat statue there as a marker. It makes the perfect headstone for his grave.

I was so lucky to have had the world's best cat for almost 17 years of my life!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've scheduled an appointment for Sizzle to be put to sleep - today at 5 PM. I don't see any reason that he needs to continue suffering. He has been the most wonderful kitty for almost 17 years. I want him to be comfortable when he dies. My idea of heaven would be a place where I get to be with all the kitties I've ever loved.

Requiem for my cat, Sizzle

On March 16, 1992 my cat Sizzle was born. He was the last of a litter of 6. I came into the room just moments after he was born. His momma was in a little house (igloo) in the extra bathroom with the other kittens. Sizzle was laying on the cold tile floor. I thought he was dead. I picked him up and put him next to his momma. She moved and he rolled right out onto the tile again. I put him further back into the igloo.

By the following day, he was the most aggressive nurser of the litter. He seemed to be his momma's favorite, too. He has his mother's coloring - red tabby (Oriental Shorthair).

As he grew up, he decided that I was his favorite. He followed me around and jumped in my lap whenever I sat down. When I left the house, he cried until I returned.

Later, when I moved out of the house (leaving it to my then husband and a secretary from his office) I took Sizzle with me. I also took my little Burmese, Beansie. Poor Sizzle missed his siblings and momma cat terribly. He cried for days and I held him.

When I moved from my apartment to a townhouse, he was content just being with me. The same when I moved to my new house. He didn't care about his new surroundings. He was happy being with me. Poor Beansie was very upset with each move.

Now, Sizzle is dying. He has been treated for high blood pressure for about a year now. But, he doesn't respond well to the medicines. I've had him on about 5 different meds. They work for a little while and then his blood pressure just goes back up again.

He doesn't want to eat anymore. He is losing control of his bowels and his nose bleeds. I have him in my bathroom on his heating pad. He looks miserable. I'm leaning towards taking him to the vet to be put down. Animals don't have to suffer like humans. We can put an animal out of its misery. I'm not sure how miserable Sizzle is. Last night he seemed so scared but this morning he is just sitting quietly. He looks up at me but he doesn't want to be touched.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

San Antonio trip

Friday I went on a bus trip to San Antonio to the Sewing and Creative Inspiration Show. The bus was going to leave from Bear Creek Community Center at 8AM. Last time I drove out there it took FORever and I got lost. This time my friend, Alice sent out a link with directions. I left the house at 6:30 and arrived by 7:00. The directions were great, the construction on I-10 was mostly done. I was the first to arrive - a first in itself!

On the bus I was able to catch up with some women from the wearables bee that I was a member of back in my past life - Charlotte, Marge. I went to the bee about 5 years ago (when it took so long). I plan on attending their February meeting and maybe joining up again. The group used to meet at the Tracy Gee Center which is much closer to me. The group inspired me to try new things back then. I hope to find that inspiration with them again.

The sewing show was pretty small. That was okay with me since we were only staying about 5 hours. I was able to visit all the vendors plus take 2 classes. First I took a re-making jeans class. Actually, it was more of a trunk show but I did learn a few things. I bought the power drill that the instructor was selling to apply bleach to denim. It uses a grinding stone bit that doesn't drip and the drill has a very slow speed setting.

Next I had a class with Kathy Ruddy. She's pretty full of herself but had some very good ideas. She showed us a simple way to do bound buttonholes. I swore I'd never bind another buttonhole but I'll try her method. They do look really nice on a jacket.
I bought a custom cut jacket pattern from her. For $6 you get a paper pattern piece that she customizes for you plus an instruction booklet. I need to try out the pattern soon before I forget all her hints.

This show had a lot to offer in a compact package. The bus trip was a bit long but very relaxing. I certainly would do it again.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Jim and I have been going to lots of movies lately. Tonight we saw Slumdog Millionaire. It's about a young guy in India who gets on the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." This guy had a horrible childhood. He learned the answers to the show's questions during events in his life.

It actually is a love story and is inspiring. During the credits at the end the cast dances around like in Bollywood movies.

During the holiday break, we saw Benjamin Button, Valkyrie and Australia. I enjoyed all of them.

Finally got some sewing done

Last week I started a reversible jacket using Project Runway fabric. In 1995 I made a jacket from this pattern that I call my "going to the cat show" jacket. It's fully lined so I figured why not make it reversible. I folded up the hem to make it shorter and also to add a band of different fabric on one side. I tried having a collar on one side only. It was too bulky so I used binding around the neckline and down the front.

I tapered the sleeves to make it easier to wear. Unfortunately, I tapered the sleeves before I attached them to the body of the jacket. So, the jacket has ended up being smaller than I wanted. But it's still pretty cute. I want to wear it to the ASG retreat in 2 weeks.

I made a purse with a secret tonight. I found the directions kind of confusing but I successfully made it using upholstery fabric.

House of Blues

Today we went to a gospel brunch at the House of Blues. My cousin, Rick is in town and he's a big music lover. Andy went with us, too. The food was good, venue was good. It was just SO LOUD. Guess it was concert-loud. I know I'm old but I think it would have been a lot better if the music was toned down. So, I wouldn't recommend it. It was too uncomfortably loud to enjoy brunch.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009- the year of the remodel, I hope

I still have high hopes for a happy 2009. The new year did not start out well. At 1:30 AM on the morning of January 1, 2009, I woke up to the sound of rushing water. It was really lucky that I heard the noise (despite wearing earplugs). There was about an inch of water in the bathroom and the water was starting to come into the bedroom. The toilet tank cranked.

It was really strange timing. The day before we had a design guy, Jeff from DreamMaker come out to look at the bathroom and come up with a remodel plan.

On the 3rd, we called our plumber, Art. Guess he's not in business anymore. Tried the company he worked for. They wanted to put in a whole new toilet for a whole lot of money. So, we went to Lowe's. Turns out that our bathroom is an old size so the new toilets won't fit. Our bathroom designer helped us find a toilet. He ordered it and it got installed last Saturday. $500 for a toilet!

In the meantime, the designer comes over with his plans. I had told him what I wanted and gave him a budget of $10,000. He shows us the plans, tiles, etc. It didn't seem like anything special. The bathroom would still be basically the same. Then he showed us his estimate -$22,000! He had no backup plan for a more reasonable amount. I guess he's mad at us since he hasn't returned with a new plan. I had to pay $350 for a plan that was more than twice my budget!

So, now it looks like I've lost my $350. What do I do - keep paying designer fees until one comes up with something reasonable?

Then this guy says the kitchen could be remodeled for $35,000. I asked him how in the world could he say that after quoting me $22,000 for a bathroom.

Here I am -ready to get some work done. With the economy in the toilet, one would think remodeling companies could use the business. Why does this have to be so difficult?

camera woes

Just tried to download my photos. The lens won't even open. I get an error message "lens error, restart camera." Looks like it will have to go to the repair shop.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008 cooking

I made loads of cookies this year: sugar cookies, sesame seed cookies, Lupita cookies, cranberry ginger cookies and snowflake cookies. The snowflake cookies were new this year. I followed some directions from the web and they came out great. Kevin took some of my cookies to Japan to give to Tomoko's family.

I also made my layered pea salad to accompany the ham for Christmas dinner. Isn't it pretty?

Christmas 2008

We had a BIG Christmas this year. Kevin came home from NYC. I'm afraid that he won't be coming home for a while since he is getting married in August and moving to Japan. Andy came and his friend, Woodie with girlfriend, Christa came. Kevin's friend, Lee from Vietnam came along to experience an American Christmas. Of course, Jim, Mom and me attended, too.

For dinner, our friends Jimmy and Lupita came over, too.

We opened presents all morning. Andy made brunch with help from Kevin and Lee. In the evening we played cards with Jimmy and Lupita.

Our new cat

We got a new kitty on December 5th. She moved in with our friends, Jimmy and Lupita after Hurricane Ike. She promptly got pregnant so she was named Sarah Pawlin after the republican vp nominee, Sarah Palin.

We decided to take her since I wanted a kitten. But all the kittens died so we now we just have her. She is very pretty and friendly with people. But, she doesn't like any of her siblings yet.