Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas photos

Here are some more photos. I gave Lupita a Venetian mask. Andy gave Jim silk pajamas to wear at the "office." Woodie gave Mom a huge box of chocolate.

2009 Christmas

We had a nice Christmas this year. Would have been perfect if Kevin and Tomoko could have been with us.
Andy made a great brunch - lobster quiche, cookies, fruit, cake, salad. Woodie came, too. Later on Jimmy and Lupita came over. We had to give Mom just one gift at a time because she would just start ripping them open. She has become so childlike. She opens and eats up her candy right away, too.
Andy and Woodie left around 3 PM so then the 4 of us played cards. Of course, the girls beat the boys.
Kevin and Tomoko sent us all some weird and interesting presents from Japan. I got a beautiful Burberry tote bag.
The only downer is that my gifts still have not arrived for Kevin & Tomoko. I had made them some cute Christmas stockings to decorate their apartment, too. Oh well, as long as they get them eventually. Tomoko has to go check out the post office. Kevin can't speak good enough Japanese yet.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Holiday Jacket

I wanted a royal blue jacket with little snowflakes on it. I didn't have a blue sweatshirt so I used this dark green one. The large fleece snowflakes came from an estate sale. I "made it work." I cut 3 of the snowflakes in half and appliqued them to the front opening. I made a pocket from the sweatshirt's bottom binding and appliqued a snowflake on it. There are 3 more snowflakes on the back.
I finished the edges with some dark green binding that I just happened to have on hand. The white trim was also in my stash.
Using what I had inspired me to create something very different from my original concept. I've never seen any jacket like this one. It turned out quite stylish. I'm very pleased with it!