Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tutorial for Little Squirt Bag

I can't get the photos to load into the tutorial. Go to this link for full tutorial:


I bought these cute size 4 toddler (for a little squirt) shorts at a thrift store. I decided to use them to make a handy little purse.

First, line up the front waistband with the back waistband. Draw a straight line across the shorts above the crotch seam. Cut along this line.

Use the cutoff shorts to measure for a lining. A perky cotton print makes a great lining.

Next I used a dollar bill and a gift card to measure for inside pockets. I selected a "vintage" 7" zipper.

I interfaced the lining with pellon waist maker.

It was just the right size to for the lining and the pockets.

I sewed the pockets to the lining. There are 3 spots for credit cards, one for cash and a pocket that closes securely with hook and loop tape.
Then I inserted the zipper into the lining.

Make a handle for the bag using fabric from the cut off hem of the shorts. Insert this into outer bag about 1" from the corner. Sew. This will be sewn again when the lining is attached.

The lining goes into the jean bag, wrong sides together, being sure to keep the handle extended out of the bag.

Sew securely. I used machine and hand stitching.

I tore a 1 1/2" wide by 24" long strip of the checked fabric. I drew this through the belt loops of the jeans. I used a piece of pink foldover elastic for a zipper pull.

I tore another narrow strip of fabric, did a running stitch along one edge, pulled the stitches up to form a rosette. I attached the rosette to the center front of the bag and added a pretty button.

One of the outside front pockets is perfect for my cell phone, the other for my personal cards. The back pockets could hold tissues, etc. My keys hook on to a belt loop. It is a very useful little purse.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Little Squirt Bag

I entered my first contest. This is the handbag that I entered. Voting starts tomorrow.

The handbag had to be interfaced, have a closure and a handle. I even included a tutorial in my review.

Entering contests pushes me to me more creative. Writing tutorials enables me to teach other people how to make stuff. Making things gives me lots of happiness and I like to share the joy.

I will add my tutorial to this blog very soon.

Here is the link to my entry:

Ski Hat with Beard

My son, Kevin saw a hat with a knit-in beard on line. Of course, he wanted me to make him one. Here he is in the finished hat.

The hat part was the most difficult for me to knit - because of weird instructions that I got on line. I changed the mustache into a handle bar type. Maybe I'll make Tomoko one, too - in PINK.

I found the directions by googling "knit hat with beard."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Aretha Beret

In January I saw video clip of Aretha Franklin wearing a really nifty hat. This is my copy of the hat:

Sizes 13 & 17 knitting needles
1 ball mohair yarn in cream
1 ball ribbon yarn in white
1 ball chunky yarn in off white

Roll the 3 yarns together into one ball. Using size 13 needles, cast on 33 stitches.
Row 1: (right side) Purl
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Purl and change to larger needles.
Row 5: K1, (knit into front and back of next st, k 4) 6 times, knit into front & back of next st, k 1 = 40 stitches
Row 6 and every wrong side row, K 1, purl to last st, k 1.
Row 7: Knit
Row 9: P1, k 1, (knit into front & back of next st, k 5) 6 times, knit into front & back of next st, p 1 = 47 stitches
Row 11: Knit
Row 13: P1, k 2 (knit into front & back of next st, k 6)6 times, knit into front & back of next st, p 1 = 54 stitches
Row 15: Knit
Row 17: P1, k1 (k 2 tog, k4) 8 times, k 2 tog, k 1, p 1 = 45 stitches
Row 19: P1, k1 (k 2 tog, k3) 8 times, k 2 tog, p 1 = 36 stitches
Row 21: P1 (k 2 tog, k2) 8 times, k 2 tog, p 1 = 27 stitches
Row 23: P1, k2 (k 2 tog, k1) 7 times, k 2 tog, p 1 = 19 stitches
Row 25: P1, k1 (k 2 tog) 8 times, p 1 = 11 stitches
Row 27: K1 (k 2 tog) 4 times, k 1, p 1 = 7 stitches
Row 29: P1, (k 2 tog) 2 times, k 1, p 1 = 5 stitches
Row 31: Knit the remaining 5 stitches together. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Fasten off last stitch by pulling tail through last stitch.
Sew back seam.
Make "button" at top of head by tying one strand of yarn around outside base of knob created by the last stitches. To tie off, pull yarn through center of the button.
To form the cascade: Cut lengths of yarn (about 20"). Tie these in the center with the yarn from the button. Weave the end of the securing yarn inside the beret.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easter Tree

I made an Easter Tree this weekend. The branch is made from a big metal rod covered in styrofoam and black tape. I got it at an estate sale a few months ago. The pink lights also came from an estate sale. The flowers from a dollar store, the eggs from a thrift store and the brass container was out in our garage.

It came out really cute and so PINK. I burned the tip of my finger making this project. I was poking in styrofoam and my index finger went right through it and got covered in hot glue. I had to fight through 2 cats and a dog to get to the sink. I'm usually so good about keeping ice water close by when I use my glue gun. Guess I learned my lesson - again.

I think it makes a good cherry blossom tree, too.