Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cutting up old t-shirts to make jewelry!

I made these necklaces using cut up t-shirts.
For the flower necklace, I coiled strips of pink and turquoise shirts into spirals. I stitched in several places to give the appearance of petals and added some beads. The cord is a long piece of pink t-shirt that I stretched to make it roll in on itself. I sewed the flowers to the cord and added some green leaves from an old crocheted doily. I added some findings from old jewelry for the clasp.

For the beaded necklace, I stretched turquoise t-shirt strip for the cord and added the brass pendant. I made knots on the cord on each side of the pendant, added wooden beads, knotted again, more beads. I tied the cord together-it stretches right over my head.

I entered these at the Tea Rose Home link party:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Mama's 89th Birthday

Mom had a good birthday. She got up early so she could open gifts. My friend, Mary brought over lunch that our friend Marguerite asked her to bring us from Boston Market. We had cornbread, cinnamon apples, meatloaf, mac & cheese, corn and brownies. It was a big feast.

Andy came over around 7 PM with his girlfriend, Nina and brought dinner. We had roasted chicken, twice stuffed potatoes, zucchini fritters, salad, fried shrimp. I made a birthday cake. We ate it with special ice creams that Andy brought from Whole Foods.

It was a wonderful day for the whole family. Mom had a big day and slept late the next day.