Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night was election night. We had a gathering of friends over and watched the polls together: Mom; Jimmy & Lupita Perry; Laura & Kevin Vinther; Mary & Rod Haper; Barbara Kile; BJ Smith and friend, Neil Diamond; 2 of Mary's neighbors Jim & Honey, & ??.

At 10 PM CNN announced Obama as the winner! We drank champagne and ate cake. It was a momentous occasion.

Jim is very optimistic. He thinks that the Republican party will have to change - for the better. I think they will just make up a bunch of crap and people will buy it - just like they did when Clinton was president. Under Clinton, the economy was doing well, the budget was balanced, US prestige grew. So, then the Republicans unearthed a scandal and all the Monica Lewinsky nonsense took over the national scene.

I hope the secret service keeps Obama safe. I hope the Republicans will concentrate on helping the people that they represent instead of trying to dig up dirt! We Americans have a wonderful opportunity to make a change for the better. Electing Obama is the first step.