Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 7 in Hawaii

Yesterday I got a text from United Airlines with my boarding pass.   I thought I left on Thursday PM so wasn't Tuesday too early for this?

I checked my ticket and my flight was tonight!

Tomoko had a toothache so we didn't have any big plans anyway for this day.  We found a dentist for her.  She had an infection in one of her back teeth.

Then we did more shopping for souvenirs and went back to the condo.  I started packing, Tomoko took a nap and Kevin played with Kenny.

For lunch Kevin cooked hamburgers on the grill.

Kenny and I both developed a taste for "Maui Chips."  He let me hold him for a photo op as long as I gave him chips.

We drove to the airport and Kenny fell asleep in the car.

I had a direct return flight to Houston.  Unfortunately,  even though I asked for special seating I ended up in a very cramped economy seat for 8 hours.  I couldn't even get out of the seat when the row in front of me reclined.  Luckily the stewardess was able to raise the aisle armrest to let me out.

I got up at least 4 times, walked around, did leg exercises.  Despite all that I am stuck here at home with a case of phlebitis.  I'm wearing horrible support stockings.  My doctor is going to send me to a peripheral venous specialist.  United had given me good seats on my flights to Hawaii.  I had no way of knowing how bad my seat would be until after I boarded the plane.  Then it was to late to switch or upgrade.

I will have to buy economy plus from now on.  United Airlines wanted $600.00 for the economy plus seat which would have provided me with one extra foot of legroom.  My whole round trip ticket was $1200.00.  In hindsight, I now realize that I should have paid that extra money and I could be at work today.  At least I'm getting my blogging accomplished.

Day 6 in Hawaii: the lagoons

We drove out to an area with 3 manmade lagoons and 3 big hotel resorts. We parked near the Disney resort, Aulani.  We were able to hang out on the beach since all Hawaii's beaches are public.

The lagoon was good for kids - not too deep, no big waves.  But Kenny still didn't like the water.  He wanted to go find Donald Duck.

This silly resort did not have Donald Duck or Tigger, not even in their gift shops!  We did see Mickey and Chip and Dale posing with kids.

We had lunch on the veranda of one of the hotel's restaurants.  Kenny sang and colored until his lunch arrived.  He enjoyed eating his macaroni and cheese and practiced his gargling.
After lunch we drove over to the outlet mall where Kenny enjoyed handling the stroller and playing on the children's rides.  He convinced Kevin to get in the little truck with him.  He wanted me in it, too.  I just leaned in through the dashboard.
I bought the best Hawaiian ice I ever had there at the mall.  It was the real thing - the ice was shaved and had a scoop of ice cream in it.  I was too busy eating it and forgot to take its picture.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 5 Evening: Kahala

On August 8, 2009 Kevin and Tomoko were married on the grounds of the Kahala hotel - in front of the gazebo.  And then there were three.
The Kahala Hotel is a very swanky place.  Here's the lobby:
Poor sleepy Kenny was woken up so he could enjoy the dophin, turtle and manta ray pools on the grounds.

We decided to have dinner on the veranda of the hotel.  There is a grassy area between the beach and the restaurant.  Kenny (and Kevin) had a great time running around there with the other children.
The food was great.  Kenny gobbled up his spaghetti.  I had pork on top of a sweet potato taro mixture.  Kevin had surf and turf.  Tomoko had roasted chicken.  All dishes were delicious.

We watched the moon rise over the beach.

Day Five: Waikiki

We walked the one block down to the Waikiki strip for breakfast.  The waitstaff wore grass skirts over their clothes.  We all had pancakes adorned with little umbrellas.  Kenny had a little bit of everyone's plus all the umbrellas.  I had pineapple pancakes.

Since I was sunburned I walked along the strip while the others went to the beach.  The beach is just across the street from the restaurants and shops.  There is a sidewalk and a green area between the road and the beach.  There are statues, picnic tables, gardens and benches in this area.

 There were no seagulls on any of the beaches we went to.  There were lots of pigeons and doves.  I took a photo of a banyan tree where the birds were nesting.

There were also cute little jays with gray and white bodies with a red crest.

Day 4 of Hawaii trip

We drove to the north shore of Oahu today (Sunday).  The island is beautiful.  Besides the beaches there is beautiful greenery and flowers all over.

I noticed a tree with big balls hanging on it.  When we got close we could see that they were buoys.  Artsy! 
We passed the Polynesian Cultural Center.  It was closed but the grounds were beautiful.

We drove along looking for a place to have lunch.  Luckily we found a great place.  The food was vegetarian and all the vegetables were grown there on the farm.  I even had homemade ice cream for dessert.  Kenny had fun running around the huge grounds between the eating area and the farm.

Kevin wanted to go snorkeling at Shark's Cove.  We parked in the wrong place.  It was just a tidal pool.  We set up in the shade.  Then a couple of bums started fighting and swearing loudly.  I called 911 because they were driving people away and Kenny had fallen asleep.  A cop showed up and said that bums arguing was not considered disturbing the peace.  They could do and say whatever they wanted.  He said that's how it is in Hawaii.  No wonder there are so many homeless people in Hawaii - good climate, all beaches are open to the public, few rules for behavior.
Since Kenny was sleeping, Kevin and Tomoko went off to snorkle together while I stayed with Kenny.

Kenny woke up and was very disappointed that I was not "mama."  I was afraid that he would run off but he stayed and cried for a bit.
Then we moved over to Shark's Cove.  Kevin and Tomoko took turns snorkling.  It was a beautiful location.  I stood on a bluff for a few minutes watching them.  That was long enough for me to get sunburned, even with sunscreen on.

 We continued our drive and had dinner in a little town.  The stores looked cute but they were closed - saved me money.

 It's hard to see in this photo but there was a huge moon early that evening.  It's low on the horizon at the end of the road.