Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 7 in Hawaii

Yesterday I got a text from United Airlines with my boarding pass.   I thought I left on Thursday PM so wasn't Tuesday too early for this?

I checked my ticket and my flight was tonight!

Tomoko had a toothache so we didn't have any big plans anyway for this day.  We found a dentist for her.  She had an infection in one of her back teeth.

Then we did more shopping for souvenirs and went back to the condo.  I started packing, Tomoko took a nap and Kevin played with Kenny.

For lunch Kevin cooked hamburgers on the grill.

Kenny and I both developed a taste for "Maui Chips."  He let me hold him for a photo op as long as I gave him chips.

We drove to the airport and Kenny fell asleep in the car.

I had a direct return flight to Houston.  Unfortunately,  even though I asked for special seating I ended up in a very cramped economy seat for 8 hours.  I couldn't even get out of the seat when the row in front of me reclined.  Luckily the stewardess was able to raise the aisle armrest to let me out.

I got up at least 4 times, walked around, did leg exercises.  Despite all that I am stuck here at home with a case of phlebitis.  I'm wearing horrible support stockings.  My doctor is going to send me to a peripheral venous specialist.  United had given me good seats on my flights to Hawaii.  I had no way of knowing how bad my seat would be until after I boarded the plane.  Then it was to late to switch or upgrade.

I will have to buy economy plus from now on.  United Airlines wanted $600.00 for the economy plus seat which would have provided me with one extra foot of legroom.  My whole round trip ticket was $1200.00.  In hindsight, I now realize that I should have paid that extra money and I could be at work today.  At least I'm getting my blogging accomplished.

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