Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Five: Waikiki

We walked the one block down to the Waikiki strip for breakfast.  The waitstaff wore grass skirts over their clothes.  We all had pancakes adorned with little umbrellas.  Kenny had a little bit of everyone's plus all the umbrellas.  I had pineapple pancakes.

Since I was sunburned I walked along the strip while the others went to the beach.  The beach is just across the street from the restaurants and shops.  There is a sidewalk and a green area between the road and the beach.  There are statues, picnic tables, gardens and benches in this area.

 There were no seagulls on any of the beaches we went to.  There were lots of pigeons and doves.  I took a photo of a banyan tree where the birds were nesting.

There were also cute little jays with gray and white bodies with a red crest.

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