Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013

My friend Lupita says I should write a book about my experiences.  It might be worth the effort, if it would help anybody else.  Or, if someone would buy the movie rights and make me rich.

I just can't imagine my story doing anyone any good.

I saw an ad for a book by a woman whose husband of 2 weeks left her.  Big deal!  That's nothing.  I wonder if anybody bought her book.  I guess if it happens to you personally it seems like a big deal.

I'd like to tell TIRR that they are severely lacking in psychology support for their patients, Of course their family members get no emotional support whatsoever.  But, then TIRR, like all our US medical institutions kowtows to the insurance companies.  I'm sure the hospital is aware of the need anyway.

I can't see the point of dredging up and rehashing the past.  I want to live in the present.

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