Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013: Day 3: Hawaii trip continued

Today we went to a huge flea market at the Aloha Stadium.  I found it through a google search for flea markets in Honolulu.  Kenny wanted to drive us there.  In Tokyo they get around by bus and subway so the car was a novelty.
There was some original work but mostly resale stuff at the flea market. I bought Tomoko the cutest little dress.  It was a one-size fits all.  It really should be called "one size fits all small Asian women."  It has a smocked top with squares attached on the diagonal so the skirt bottom has neat little points.  I took photos of it so I could make one that will fit me.
I forgot to take a good photo of Tomoko wearing the dress :(

I bought myself a dress with a "designed in Hawaii" but made in China tag.  It's cute, too.

It was very hot so I rested in the shade.  Kevin, Tomoko and Kenny played on the grass.

We left the flea market and bought some special kind of Hawaiian barbecued chicken.  It way okay but pretty dry.  We ate it back in the condo.

That evening we went to the 6th floor of the tower.  There was a pool, hot tub, playground and picnic area.  Tomoko and I got in the hot tub.  Kevin played with Kenny on the playground.  Later we grilled hamburgers in the picnic area.

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