Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 16, 2013

I took a taxi to Texas Orthopedic Hospital at 5 AM.  I was supposed to arrive at 6 so I had to wait around.

I was taken back to the pre surgery area.  I think there was only one RN on duty so it  I laid on the bed and read a magazine.  The nurse had trouble putting in my iv.  It's always difficult to find a vein in my hands.

The doctor came by and drew on my foot so he'd be sure to work on the correct toes.  Dr Bloome is the same doctor who fixed my torn achilles in 2010 so I trust him.

I don't even remember being taken to the operating room.  My next memory is the recovery room.

The nurse called Andy to come get me at 10 AM.

So now I have to sit around with my foot elevated.  The pain is not too bad.  My foot throbs when I put it down and walk.

I can't drive for a couple of weeks.  Today is May 18th and I'm already bored of movies.

I'm going to start making yoyos and flowers to keep occupied.  When I get tired of that there is always knitting.

Here are photos I took of my toes in the waiting room that morning.  The second toe is a hammer toe - it bends down from the second joint.  The third toe is a mallot toe and it bends down from the first joint.  After my knee replacement in July 2010 these toes on my right foot started to go beserk.  The doctors don't know why.

First Date- May 8, 2013

He wrote to me first.  In his second message he wanted me to text him.  I called him a "scammer" and said goodbye.  He wrote back saying he wasn't a scammer, that he was here in Houston.  I believed him and wrote back to him.

He wrote me wanting to meet over drinks.  I suggested coffee instead.  So, we met at the Starbucks in Meyerland.  That was his choice.  I got there a few minutes early and ordered an iced coffee.  He (Lee) came in and I recognized him immediately from his photo.

He ordered a coffee with 2 shots of expresso. He didn't like it and had them make something else.  In the meantime a table emptied out and I snagged it.  While I was waiting another man asked if he could sit with me since there were no other tables.  I said okay but that I was waiting for my date to get coffee.  He left.

When Lee came to the table I joked that I could save money by just coming to Starbucks and quit  He didn't laugh at my joke.  When I look back at our conversation he never did laugh at anything I said.  I'm always joking around so that was kind of weird.

We talked about an hour and he said "are you ready to go, babe?"  I said okay and we started walking towards my car.  I said goodbye to him.  He asked if he could sit with me for a couple minutes.  I said okay.  I opened the windows and spoke to him for maybe 10 minutes.  I gave him my card with my blog address.  I told him that I was having foot surgery on May 16.  He said he'd have to ask me out again before then.  I said okay and he left.

He sent me a thank you via  That was the last that I've heard from him.  He acted like a gentleman.  I do wonder why he got into my car unless he thought I'd take him to my house.  I will never take anyone back to my house on the first date.  Is that what the men expect these days or do they just hope it'll happen.  Or did he just want to continue our conversation?

At least I now have my first date under my belt.  I won't have to be so nervous next time.  Hopefully I will not talk so much about myself.  I tried not to but he kept asking me questions.  I tried asking him questions but he was able to keep his answers short.  Oh well.  Live and learn!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

I have had a busy 2 weeks.

On April 27th I drove to Brenham for a day trip with the Fabulous Life meetup group.  The wildflowers were still in bloom!
We went to the Antique Rose Gardens near Brenham.  It was very lush and beautiful.

We went to lunch at the diner in the Brenham airport.  (I saw it once on a "Daytripper" show on PBS.)  It was a cute place.  The waitresses were all dressed in poodle skirts.  It was crowded so we had to wait for awhile.  Some of us walked out by the hangars and looked at the small planes.

We were seated outside and could watch takeoffs and landings.  The diner is famous for their hamburgers so that's what I ordered.  It was really good - big, juicy, tasty, etc.

From there we went to a little winery outside of Brenham.

It drizzled a little bit while we were there but the weather was very comfortable.

Then I started back to Houston.  There were big black clouds on the horizon.  It started to really rain hard when I got to 290 and 610.   At least
the traffic wasn't bad.

I thought I might have to take refuge in Meyerland Plaza but Braeswood wasn't flooded at all.  The bayou was high but still well in its banks.  Then I got to my subdivision.  I tried 3 entrances and the roads were all flooded.  I turned into a road closer to Hillcroft.  It was clear.  Then as I drove towards home I had to keep turning to avoid flooded streets.  I ended up parking on someone's driveway for 4 hours.  I read my car manual, deleted old pictures on my camera, tried to take a nap.  Finally it was clear enough to go home.  I had to check navigation on my phone because I got all turned around trying to avoid flooded streets.

It's ironic.  I was worried about driving alone to Brenham and that was just fine.  Driving very close to home was the real problem.