Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14, 2014: Mom

Sunday, August 3, my mother would have been 93 years old.  The following Monday, August 4, we buried her ashes.

Poor Mama.  I thought she'd make it to 100.  She wasn't ready to die.  I saw her 2 days before her death on June 3rd and she looked and acted pretty good.

The autopsy report finally has been completed.  It stated that her death was a result of complications from the accident that broke her leg.  It happened on February 7th. Below is a copy of the email that I received from Linda, the manager at Bedford Place.  The caregivers involved were Holly and a young guy, Mark. Mark went to the hospital with Mom on the day of her scheduled surgery.  (The anesthesiologist canceled the surgery because a blood test showed that she had low thyroid levels.)  Mark accompanied Mom again to an appointment with Dr Harger.  He spent the time playing with his phone and sniffling.  I told him to get some tissues for himself.  He did not seem well trained at all.  I didn't want to pursue any legal action before because Mom was happy at Bedford.  A move would have been traumatic to her.

Now, however, I am trying to find a good lawyer to see about filing suit against the home.  The 2 staff admittedly caused the accident.  The home's website states they take care of dementia patients.  So, I think I have a valid case  Below I have inserted the email from the manager and a page from their current website.  The whole web page wouldn't fit into the space on the blog so a bit is missing from the right side.  But, you can read enough to get the idea or you can go to the link:!amenities/cee5

Linda Papa

Feb 8
to me
good morning
this is to inform you that your mom has  had an accident yesterday , she has bruise on her right leg, redness and swelling.
Per caregiver they reported that when they were transferring her from wheelchair to bed not knowing that her right leg was not in  proper place and they grabbed her/help her to be transferred to her bed.
We informed Dr Capocyan and advise to have x-ray
We received last night the x-ray result and found out that there was a  fracture
in the right distal tibia with mild displacement.
Today, we are going to send her to ER at Hermann Memorial SOuthwes
A smaller yet more personalized setting reminding our residents of "home".  We can accomodate most every need in a more intimate setting.  We offer Private and Semi-Private room accomodations with a home-like kitchen, communal dining and living quarters that encourage the residents to interact with other residents, guests and employees.


Seniors offer a variety of care challenges which our staff have experience and training in caring for.  Our Facility Director leads the team of Care Givers in meeting the individualized needs of our residents  including medical, dietary, social, and dailiy living skills. 

We provide 24 hour staffing with clinical support from our Registered Nurse and a variety of other health care professionals that we contract with for rehabilitative, preventative, and on-going care needs.  We also help coordinate medical appointments and treatment with community professionals and services.

Our Staff
  Those Special Needs
We offer Assisted Living services but can also provide Respite, Hospice, and Dementia related care.

Up until they broke Mom's leg I think they were doing a pretty good job with Mom.  She was a handful but the staff gave her lots of personal attention.

If anyone reading this post knows of a good lawyer for this type of case, please send me the name in a comment to this post.  It will be delivered right to my email.