Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Break! 2012-02-29

It's spring break at Rice. There is only one professor and me in the department today. Finally, a day that I can play at the office!

I decided to try out newspaper flowers. I got the idea from She used the comics. I used an ad insert from the Houston Garden Center since it had lots of flower pictures.

Instead of felt balls, I cut out a smaller flower from pink paper for the center and wadded some of the ad paper for a center. I curled up the petals using my finger. I used a pencil to roll up tighter petals from the pink paper.

I think it looks very pretty so I stuck it on my door. Wouldn't a whole bouquet of these flowers look lovely on my door?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Today is my half day at the office. I'll be leaving here to visit Mom at Bedford. I went on 2/6/12. She was already in bed at 4:30 but she was eating. That's an improvement. She acted like she was on a hunger strike before.

She is still slipping down on the chairs. But, she hasn't fallen. There's always staff supervising. At home she slid down her recliner and ended up on the floor. Luckily Lupita was with us and she got Mom up. I don't know what the sliding is about.

Her legs are very improved. I hope the staff will get her up and using her walker again. I keep telling Mom that she has to use it or lose it.

I realized that I can attend a HAFA meeting tonight. Jim will be at the gym and Mom is at Bedford. I haven't been to a meeting in over a year. I always had Mom-sitting duty before but now all I have to do is remember to go!