Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

My orthopedist told me that I have graduated. My broken bone in my hand is all healed and I don't have to wear the brace anymore. Dr Crouch is my 4th doctor at Fondren Orthopedic. You have to have a different doctor for every body part. They have all been very nice and have fixed me up really well.

Jim said he should have gone to my doctor since I healed so fast. Jim continues to progress. On Fridays I take him to therapy. It's very encouraging to see him work so hard and grow stronger.

I guess I can start writing again. I'm not even getting teary-eyed talking about Jim. My progress can be measured by how I am getting through the depression aggravated on by Jim's accident.

We even went shopping together on Saturday. We looked at TV's and went to lunch. Being out together is such a treat after all these months.

Tomorrow we are going to test drive a Mazda CX5. We went car shopping last Saturday and the Mazda is our favorite so far. Jim is able to get into the front seat okay and the back is roomy enough for his chair. I bought a dog ramp to roll Jim's empty and folded wheelchair up into the back of the car. It works pretty well. I still have to work on my technique of getting the chair on its side once it's in the car. I used a belt to tie the wheels together. It makes it easier to lift the chair. I can hold the back of the chair in one hand and the belt in the other.

I'd like to find someplace on the chair where I could put the tie so that the wheels could keep turning. It's kind of a pain to tie and untie the belt.

Today I got to do a little sewing. I feel so much better when I make things. I really want to get the house organized and cleaned up. But, I decided to take a break and work in my studio. I repaired a blouse, made a tablecloth for the dining room table and worked on my locker hooking project. I had 2 dollhouses in my studio. I consolidated my favorite things in one dollhouse. I decided to give away the wicker birdcage dollhouse. Jim bought me that birdcage when we were dating and I hated to part with it. But, something had to go. I just have too much of everything!

Friday, April 6, 2012

2012-04-06: Bunny Day

I read an article on Craft Gossip about making cute little felt bunny ears. This morning I am alone in the office - maybe the whole building. Everyone is taking off for the holiday.

Instead of feeling lonely and blue, I made bunny ears! I love making stuff out of office supplies. I used index cards for the outer ears and pink post it note paper for the inner ears. I used paperclips to attach the ears to my hair. One of the grad students came by and he now is sporting some cute little ears too.

I get to go home early today. I'm going visit Mama at the home and bring her a little Easter basket.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012: my fabulous grandbaby!

Last week my son, Kevin and his wife, Tomoko came to visit from Tokyo. They brought their son (my grandson), Kenny. He is 7 months old and this is first time that I got to meet him.

He is so cute! We had a great time speaking to each other in our private language of raspberries. Here is a photo taken during one of our conversations.

April 1, 2012

Yesterday I did a little hand sewing. The doctor said I could try and see how it felt. It didn't hurt while I was sewing. But, after I started to really feel pain at the bone break site.

It still hurts this morning. Guess I'll spend another day reading and watching TV:(