Pink Poodle Footstool Tutorial



One 12x6x6 box hot glue gun
One small oatmeal carton carpet tape
5 empty toilet tissue rolls strong thread
batting sewing needle
fiberfill scissors
pink fur drawing paper
3 chopsticks black felt
crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts pink felt
2 small white buttons floral pins
pink fleece (for ears) false eyelashes

Using the flattened box, draw a pattern for cutting out the batting and fur. Cut one out of batting and fur. This is for the body. Cut a separate piece of fur for the dog’s belly – use bottom section of box for the pattern.

Use the larger side of the lid to the oatmeal box as a pattern to cut out the fur for the paws. Cut four.

Measure the height and circumference of oatmeal carton and make a paper pattern. Cut one from fur for neck.

Use an 8” paper plate as the pattern for the head pouf and cut one from fur.

Cut out center of paper plate (about 5” circle) and use this as the pattern for the tail pouf. Cut one from fur.

Measure the toilet tissue tube and add one inch to length and draw pattern. Cut out 5 pieces of fur for the legs and tail.

Cut out one cone-shaped piece for nose.

Cut one inch slits on each corner of the bottom flaps. The toilet paper tubes will fit over these slits forming the legs.

Fold up box. Tape the bottom closed, leaving the bottom “legs” out. Attach batting to box with hot glue or carpet tape. Stuff the box with crumpled newspaper and tape the top closed.

Glue fur to legs, having the extra one inch out at one end. Stuff tubes with crumpled newspaper. Push the excess fur into bottom of tube and glue.

Put tube over the slits in the bottom corners. Glue the tubes to the box. (For added strength, first insert chopsticks or dowel rods into tubes.)

Glue the tummy fur to the bottom of the box, trimming as necessary around the legs.

Make 2 holes in box for neck insertion.

Remove lid from oatmeal carton. Glue fur around oatmeal carton, leaving the bottom fur-less. Make 2 holes in bottom of carton corresponding to holes in box . Insert chopsticks through holes attaching neck to body.

Add fiber fill to top edges of box to soften the shape. Also add fiber fill to sides and front to form haunches and fill out the chest. Add a little more fiber fill on top to pouf out the top of the haunches to create the “poodle hair cut.” Pull batting over the fiber fill and glue to the box.

Wrap fur around sides body. Use floral pins to hold fur in place and glue. Remove pins.
Sew the fur of body to the neck and the belly of the poodle. Use a long needle and quilting thread. The fur hides the stitches.

Sew around the head pouf fur pieces, using long stitches. Pull up the stitches and stuff with fiber fill. Put this piece over the top of the neck (like a hat) and stitch it to the neck.

Fold up the cone-shaped piece of fur as you would fold a pastry bag. Sew the seam. Stuff
with fiber fill. Attach the nose to the head with needle and thread.

Ears: Cut the fleece pattern pieces about 1/4” smaller than the fur pieces all the way around. Sew the fleece piece to the fur piece, pulling the fur around the edges of the fleece. Repeat for second ear. Sew ears to head pouf.

Tail: Make one hole on the box for tail insertion. Glue fur to the last toilet paper tube, leaving both ends open. Fill the tube lightly with fiber fill. Insert a chopstick into tube and through the hole in the box. Glue chopstick in hole and glue tube to box.

Pad the top of the box (poodle’s back) lightly with fiber fill. Sew up fur on back and any other open areas.

Cut 2 eyes out of black felt and sew to head just above the nose. Sew on 2 small white sew-through buttons on felt . Add eyelashes above the eyes.

Use a 1/2” black pom pom for nose. Sew the pom pom to tip of cone pushing it in slightly to flatten the point of the cone.

Tie a big bow around the poodle’s neck.