Friday, August 8, 2008

Hurricane Edouard-the hurricane that wasn't!

The hurricane that didn't happen.

Monday, August 5, Mom and I drove to Huntsville, Texas to avoid possible power outages that a hurricane can cause. The temperature had been hovering at 100. Edouard was supposed to come on shore near Galveston. No air conditioning would be miserable.

So, we went about one and half hours north and stayed in a Super 8 motel in Huntsville. The next morning we wake up to the prediction that the storm was heading right for us. We couldn't return to Houston since the storm was between us and home.

We drove further north to Buffalo, Texas. I looked on my GPS unit for the closest shopping mall-it came up with ones south of us. I tried movie theaters and it listed Palestine, Texas. I passed the exit that the GPS wanted so we took a detour down a country road. A truck comes towards us over a hill with its headlights blinking. On the other side of the hill, a cow is sautering down the road. We could get in an accident in the middle of nowhere. A tornado could touch down in this empty pasture.

We get to Palestine and Mom doesn't like any of the movies being shown.

I tried looking for department stores and found a Penney's in Palestine. We shopped for a while. At least, I bought a gift for the baby shower I'm attending this weekend.

I called Jim and said that we are coming home. We ran into a little rain, some wind and got home with no problem.

I was worn out with schlepping bags, wheelchair, walker, toilet seater lifter and Mom. Next time, Mom and I will just stay home and weather things out.

At least I didn't lose a day of work. Rice U closed on 8/5. Think of all the sewing I could have done!

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