Sunday, April 5, 2009

Japanese lessons at JASH

I joined the Japanese American Society of Houston just so I could take Japanese lessons.  I enrolled in beginner Japanese-no prior knowledge required.  I've been working with Pimsleur cd on my own so I thought I would be ahead of the game.

Last Tuesday I went to our 3rd class and I was by far the dumbest one in class.  Everyone else in class is either repeating the beginner class or has been to Japan and had prior lessons.  There is no way I can catch up on my own.  I could try and memorize the textbook but I still would be behind since I would not be able to pronounce the words correctly.

I haven't even listened to Pimsleur since Tuesday.  It is very disheartening.  I am going to ask the teacher if I can start over in his next beginner class.  Maybe that class will have actual beginners.

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