Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FINALLY - my That's Clever episode will air 01/12/10!

I'm so excited. This morning I checked the HGTV website to see if my segment would air soon. Hurray - it will be on next Tuesday, 01/12/10 on HGTV (Comcast channel 47) at 6:30 AM. My dvr is all set to record it. I just need to learn how to download the dvr to a vhs tape. Then I'll take it to the Digital Media Library and convert it to a dvd. Then on to my blog and Utube, of course.

I'm posting the photo of the actual poodle that I completed during the filming. The crew called him the "hero." If you are interested in seeing how the poodles are made, I will also provide a link to my step by step photo album.

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