Monday, March 30, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling Still Going On!!

Today is the beginning of the fourth week of the work in my bathroom. The designer, Jeff said it would take one week. After I called several times, the owner, Dave said it would take 3 weeks. The first week they ripped out my walls, fixtures, etc. The second week they worked for a total of 3 hours. Finally the third week, they completed the tiling. The tiling was a lot of work.

So far, the tile is done, a couple of cabinets installed, some plumbing work and my walls painted. That leaves the counter and sink installation, grab bars, shower door, mirror, lights, medicine cabinet, all faucets and the toilet to be installed. The rest of the cabinets have to be put in, too.

Funny thing about the cabinets, they arrived green. So, they all had to be repainted.
The cabinets do not seem to be what causing the delay. The workers just don't come very often. Today 4 guys showed up at 8:15. I checked on them and they were all just standing around. When I returned home after errands at 11, they were all gone. I don't know, if they did any work at all.

Another point of annoyance: they help themselves to our tools. One day I found my bedside lamp with the shade removed in the bathroom. Another day our spotlight from the garage was being used. Dave asked if they could use Jim's big level. Do workmen not carry their own tools?

Do I have to call again for the workers to start up again? It seemed like the tile installation was the most difficult. I wish they would just show up and continue the work.

So, I will continue sleeping on the sofa. Today I woke up all stiff. At least Jim didn't turn on the Bloomburg News at 5 AM this morning. I've been so tired.

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