Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seabrooke jacket

I took a class from Emma Seabrooke on making a jacket from knit fabrics. Unfortunately, there was only enough time in class to do the mundane sewing chores - cutting out, pressing on interfacing and binding. Then there was all this machine basting. I think I could have left my sewing machine at home. It would have been simpler and easier just to baste it by hand.

I forced myself to finish it at home. The class was $35, the kit was $45. It turned out to be an expensive jacket. It must have taken me another 8 hours to finish it. The jacket's claim to fame is the meeting of the curved pieces in front. To showcase that, I trimmed the pieces with black binding and added a frog closure. It turned out pretty.

I don't care for the turquoise sweater knit fabric that makes up one panel in front and the entire back. It is so flimsy that it seems cheap. The other fabrics are slinky knits. I don't think I'll ever make this pattern again. But if I did, I would use heavier weight knits.

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Alice said...

Looks good - congrats on getting it done