Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm sewing today!

I just received a pattern from Saf-t Pockets in the mail. It has a bunch of scarf patterns and a circle vest. (The following day I got my new Threads magazine and there is an article about a similar vest with free instructions.)

I have already cut out 2 vests - pictures very soon. The pattern requires 60" wide fabric. I wanted a drapey vest so I used some weird royal blue fabric that I bought in NYC last year. I was going to serge all the edges but then I decided just to turn them under 1/4". It worked great.

The second vest is cut from one of those printed bedspreads from India. It's 100% cotton, I think. It doesn't drape that well but I think it will turn out nicely.

I'd really like some lightweight wool but none in my stash. If I go to a fabric store, I would probably come home with all kinds of things. So, I try to use up my stash. I could probably piece some rayons together to make 60" wide fabric.

The Threads' version just uses slits for the armholes. The pattern has cutouts that I think are too big. My next one will incorporate ideas from both patterns.

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Good "Sewing" blog today!