Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scrappy Flower Pins

I was inspired by a picture in Craft Gossip showing a pin made from fabric scraps. It used lots of layers in cream colored fabrics.

I ripped lengths of scrap fabrics and gathered one long edge, ending when it looked long enough to me - maybe about 6-9 inches. I sewed the ends of each strip together and decided how to arrange them. Some of the flowers have a circle of tulle added in. Some of the fabric wouldn't lay flat so I clipped into it. I decided that I liked the fringy-look that this gave the flower. Then I chose an old earring from my big box of old jewelry. (People are always giving me stuff because they say I will find a use for it eventually.) I removed the backs of the earring and sewed them to the center of the rosette.

I covered the stitches in back of the pin with a yo yo and sewed on a pin back. I think they are so cute. I actually saw similar pins in Chico's with feathers on them. Guess what I am going to try next?!

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Anonymous said...

Want to do these as a class? Your blog is getting better and better!Can you send me a link to that fold over elastic please?