Monday, March 30, 2009

My best bargain from a thrift store to date.

Working at Rice University means that I am close to some good quality thrift stores in the Montrose Area. I probably go to one of them each week during my lunch hour. Last Thursday I found a boucle jacket that fit me perfectly for $5.00. It needed some pressing and a little stitching.

As I was walking to the cash register, I saw a red jacket hanging on a rack in the men's area. It looked interesting. When I pulled it out, I saw that it was really an embroidered woman's jacket with a matching embroidered purse. I tried it on and it fit great. I checked the tag - it was marked down to $1.50 - that included the purse. It is obviously hand made from wool felt and hand embroidered. It just needed a good pressing.

I wore it Saturday and got lots of compliments. It looks like something I would have made for myself.


My kittens arrived from Mississippi on March 20th. Mimi, the breeder, wanted them to come early so they would be near Dr Rigoni. Twinkle has an eye injury that the doc is treating.

So, besides the house remodeling and being extra tired, I'm taking care of kittens. The kittens are a joy, however. They are so cute. I tried sleeping with them in Jim's office but they used me as a human trampoline. I was able to nap once. But then Little Buster decided that he should meow at me to wake me up.

I named Twinkle because of his eye problem. He has to have drops 2 a day and eye lubicrant 4 times/day. Today the doc said I could discontinue the lubricant. She says that he is getting better.

Little Buster is named after Jim's nickname. When we were in OK, one of his old neighbors kept calling him Little Buster. Her husband was Big Buster. So now, Jim has finally graduated and he is Big Buster.

I let them out to play when I can supervise them and there are no workmen in the house. I put them back for a nap a little while ago. They were upset - they still wanted to play. I needed some mommy alone time.

Bathroom Remodeling Still Going On!!

Today is the beginning of the fourth week of the work in my bathroom. The designer, Jeff said it would take one week. After I called several times, the owner, Dave said it would take 3 weeks. The first week they ripped out my walls, fixtures, etc. The second week they worked for a total of 3 hours. Finally the third week, they completed the tiling. The tiling was a lot of work.

So far, the tile is done, a couple of cabinets installed, some plumbing work and my walls painted. That leaves the counter and sink installation, grab bars, shower door, mirror, lights, medicine cabinet, all faucets and the toilet to be installed. The rest of the cabinets have to be put in, too.

Funny thing about the cabinets, they arrived green. So, they all had to be repainted.
The cabinets do not seem to be what causing the delay. The workers just don't come very often. Today 4 guys showed up at 8:15. I checked on them and they were all just standing around. When I returned home after errands at 11, they were all gone. I don't know, if they did any work at all.

Another point of annoyance: they help themselves to our tools. One day I found my bedside lamp with the shade removed in the bathroom. Another day our spotlight from the garage was being used. Dave asked if they could use Jim's big level. Do workmen not carry their own tools?

Do I have to call again for the workers to start up again? It seemed like the tile installation was the most difficult. I wish they would just show up and continue the work.

So, I will continue sleeping on the sofa. Today I woke up all stiff. At least Jim didn't turn on the Bloomburg News at 5 AM this morning. I've been so tired.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On Monday work began on remodeling my master bathroom. It's not much of a bathroom - pretty small. Since I'm not enlarging it, it will still just be a small master bathroom. We're removing the tub and getting a shower stall. New tiles, cabinets, light, fan and that's about it. Despite the limited remodeling, it still costs an awful lot of money.

I had to sleep on the sofa last night. The night before I slept in the bedroom and woke up coughing from the dust and smell. Plus, the cats thought that the plastic sheeting made a great toy.

I sure hope the remodel goes as smoothly as the contractor says it will. I guess I just have to keep sleeping on the sofa until the work is done.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seabrooke jacket

I took a class from Emma Seabrooke on making a jacket from knit fabrics. Unfortunately, there was only enough time in class to do the mundane sewing chores - cutting out, pressing on interfacing and binding. Then there was all this machine basting. I think I could have left my sewing machine at home. It would have been simpler and easier just to baste it by hand.

I forced myself to finish it at home. The class was $35, the kit was $45. It turned out to be an expensive jacket. It must have taken me another 8 hours to finish it. The jacket's claim to fame is the meeting of the curved pieces in front. To showcase that, I trimmed the pieces with black binding and added a frog closure. It turned out pretty.

I don't care for the turquoise sweater knit fabric that makes up one panel in front and the entire back. It is so flimsy that it seems cheap. The other fabrics are slinky knits. I don't think I'll ever make this pattern again. But if I did, I would use heavier weight knits.

I found kittens!

I found some Bombay kittens! I get to have them when they are 12 weeks old. They were born on December 18, 2008. I can hardly wait. The breeder, Mimi McCarthy is a friend of my vet, Cindy Rigoni. So, they come highly recommended.