Monday, November 30, 2009

Any excuse to play dress up!

On Thanksgiving I wore my official "Indian" tunic. I got it at a thrift store years ago. It has Indian themed decorations and fringe. Since I'm stuck wearing thick support hose, I wore the tunic as a mini dress. My husband loved it. My son, Andy just shook his head at me.

Here is a picture of me wearing my lovely boot and a feather in my hair posing with a turkey.

Tomoko's stocking

I finished Tomoko's stocking this weekend. It is really cute.

All of a sudden, it's December tomorrow. I have an ASG party on Saturday and HAFA on Sunday.

I've got to fill up those stockings and get them to Japan!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas stockings

This weekend I finished one stocking for my son, Kevin. It came out so cute. But, I have to wait until after he opens his present before I post the photo. Now, I am working on one for his wife, Tomoko.

Kevin is newly married and living in Japan. Here is a link to his book's website.
He's so smart!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scrappy Flower Pins

I was inspired by a picture in Craft Gossip showing a pin made from fabric scraps. It used lots of layers in cream colored fabrics.

I ripped lengths of scrap fabrics and gathered one long edge, ending when it looked long enough to me - maybe about 6-9 inches. I sewed the ends of each strip together and decided how to arrange them. Some of the flowers have a circle of tulle added in. Some of the fabric wouldn't lay flat so I clipped into it. I decided that I liked the fringy-look that this gave the flower. Then I chose an old earring from my big box of old jewelry. (People are always giving me stuff because they say I will find a use for it eventually.) I removed the backs of the earring and sewed them to the center of the rosette.

I covered the stitches in back of the pin with a yo yo and sewed on a pin back. I think they are so cute. I actually saw similar pins in Chico's with feathers on them. Guess what I am going to try next?!

Another Vest-S-Cape

Here is the second vest I made from the pattern fro Saf-T-Pockets. I used a pretty Indian bedspread for this one. I finished the edges with black foldover elastic. Most of the elastic has sequins on it.

I just happened to have a long sleeved t-shirt in a coordinating color.

Plus, I made a pin to go with it. I used scraps of the bedspread and other fabrics to form a rosette. The center is an old rhinestone earring. I got a bit carried away and made 2 more pins. They are fun to make while watching TV with Mom. I am going to make more for gifts.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vest-S-Cape by Saf-t Pockets

I'm wearing my royal blue vest today at the office. I was worried that it wouldn't stay closed but the scrunchie closure works great. The back has a big collar that drapes very nicely.
A friend of mine took my photo today so I could post it to my blog.

I need to give my other completed vest a good pressing before I take its picture.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm sewing today!

I just received a pattern from Saf-t Pockets in the mail. It has a bunch of scarf patterns and a circle vest. (The following day I got my new Threads magazine and there is an article about a similar vest with free instructions.)

I have already cut out 2 vests - pictures very soon. The pattern requires 60" wide fabric. I wanted a drapey vest so I used some weird royal blue fabric that I bought in NYC last year. I was going to serge all the edges but then I decided just to turn them under 1/4". It worked great.

The second vest is cut from one of those printed bedspreads from India. It's 100% cotton, I think. It doesn't drape that well but I think it will turn out nicely.

I'd really like some lightweight wool but none in my stash. If I go to a fabric store, I would probably come home with all kinds of things. So, I try to use up my stash. I could probably piece some rayons together to make 60" wide fabric.

The Threads' version just uses slits for the armholes. The pattern has cutouts that I think are too big. My next one will incorporate ideas from both patterns.