Friday, April 2, 2010

There is a drive in movie theater near Houston!

A couple of weeks ago Jim and I drove out to the outlet mall on 290. After a bit of shopping Jim wanted to "explore" the area. He loves winding country roads. It's okay with me as long as I bring my knitting.

We passed by a drive in somewhere out in the boondocks. After driving around some more and eating in a cute country restaurant in Hockley, "The Sawmill Grill," we went back to the the Showboat Drive In ( and saw "Alice in Wonderland." We were in my little Mazda 3. Everyone else was driving SUV's & pickups. So, we only got to see the top 2/3 of the screen. It was a beautiful evening - cool weather and we could actually see the stars through the moon roof.

I can see why drive-ins have gone out of business. A lot of the colors and details are lost on the drive-in screen. I got the plot of the movie but missed seeing all the costumes and special effects.

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