Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012: Little Doll Chatelaine

Finally, I am writing my tutorial on how to make my Little Doll Chatelaine.  Making dolls cheers me up and sometimes I get carried away.  I wanted my dolls to be more than decorative so that they would make good gifts.  I decided to have them function as chatelaines.  A sewing chatelaine is like a handy sewing kit worn around the neck.
First,  I draw out a simple doll shape, about 3" high and 2" wide. 

I cut 2 doll bodies from some scraps of upholstery fabric, a face from a circle of felt.

I use simple running stitches to embroider the face onto the doll. I use a variety of things for the hair - beads, yarn, lace - whatever I have at hand. Here I am using some hot pink rope that I got at a dollar store.

I couch the "hair" around the face of the doll and give her a cute hairdo.  The eyes are little black seed beads.  Eyelashes and a smile may be embroidered on later.

I add strips from fabric remnants for clothes - skirt, apron, top, just tacking them down with running stitches.
Now I sew the back to the front of the doll.

I add beads for hands and feet.

I like my dolls to carry something - a basket, handbag.  These I also fashion from bits of fabric scraps and beads.  I've added a ribbon rose to this one and put a small spool of thread inside.
I cut a small square of wool and encase it in some coordinating fabric.  This is creates the pincushion which I attach to the end of a length of grosgrain ribbon (usually around 30.").  I add some pins and needles.

I attach the other end of the ribbon to the back of the doll.  I add a horizontal strip of ribbon or fabric to hold a small pair of scissors.  Then I add my label.
 The ribbon is then draped around the wearer's neck and voila:  
A handy dandy sewing kit!

 Here is a photo of some of my other little dolls.  The smaller dolls are worn as pins.

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