Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014: Mom update

Mom looked pretty good today.
I went to check on Mama today at the Bedford home.  A physical therapist was working with her.  She was being fairly cooperative with him.  Her left leg is getting scratched from the splint on her right leg.  I got Linda, the manager, to wrap it up with an ace bandage.

Next Tuesday she is going to the doctor and probably getting a cast put on.  At least they chose a doctor in Houston this time, instead of Richmond.  If I can get the time off, I'll meet her at the doctor's office.  She has to go in an ambulance or a special taxi to transport her and her special wheelchair.

My cousin Rick Pauza and his friend Roseanne Palacios are coming in tomorrow to visit Mama.  She is looking forward to their visit.  So, am I.  I was away last time they came into Houston.

Mom in her special wheelchair with the physical therapist.

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