Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014: looks like another eventful year

I was in bed all day Saturday, 2/8/2014 trying to recover from an upper respiratory infection.  When a cold gets into my lungs I become very sick.

My cell phone was on vibrate because I had been at the doctor's office the day before.  I happened to pick it up on Saturday evening and then I found that I had received 4 texts from Mom's personal care home.  Mom had been brought into Oakbend Hospital because she had 2 broken bones in her lower left leg.

This is the email that I received from Linda Papas, the supervising nurse at Bedford Place:

Linda Papa

Feb 8 (2 days ago)
to me
good morning
this is to inform you that your mom has  had an accident yesterday , she has bruise on her right leg, redness and swelling.
Per caregiver they reported that when they were transferring her from wheelchair to bed not knowing that her right leg was not in  proper place and they grabbed her/help her to be transferred to her bed.
We informed Dr Capocyan and advise to have x-ray
We received last night the x-ray result and found out that there was a  fracture
in the right distal tibia with mild displacement.
Today, we are going to send her to ER at Hermann Memorial SOuthwest.

Linda Papa

Feb 8 (2 days ago)
to me
sorry its not Hermann memorial  its oak bend hospital

I spent Sunday at the hospital with Mom waiting to speak to the surgeon, Michael Maier.  He never came in.  Mom was on morphine and pretty confused.
This morning I made some calls and got in touch with Dr Maier's assistant, Abel.  He said that the doctor did not want to perform surgery - just splint the leg, then put on a cast followed by a boot.
 Dr Capocyan who admitted Mom is the one associated with the Bedford home.  He lives out in Richmond - over an hour from here so he put her in a Richmond hospital.  He will probably discharge her tomorrow or Wednesday.
I stayed home today trying to get well enough to go to the office tomorrow.  If I would stop wheezing all night I could get some good sleep and get well.
I'm not sure what the process is to get Mom from the hospital - if the home orders the ambulance or I have to arrange it.  I want to do what is best for Mom.  It is very frustrating trying to get clear information.

I have been extremely fortunate to have Bert in my life.  First he was helping me recuperate - even making me chicken soup.  Then he spent Sunday at the hospital with me.  He is a true friend.

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