Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last night Mom and I went to play bunco at the Society for the Hearing Impaired. We go with other members of our red hat group. This is the third year that we've gone. It's rained every time. Thanks to Mary for picking up Mom. I stayed at the office for an extra hour and listened to my Japanese tape. Otherwise, I'd have to drive home and turn right around and leave again.

The donation is $25/person. There is food and doorprizes. I bought some raffle tickets and won the lottery ticket wreath. I won $2 on one ticket and 2 free tickets on another. I hope the free tickets are winners.

The doorprizes were really good this year. Mom got a $50 gift certificate to Rudi Lechner's Restaurant and a tote bag. I won 2 tickets to Main Street Theater. I also won a ceramic cat that nobody else wanted. The cat looks like Sizzle except that it is gray. Maybe I'll paint it red tabby.

It was a nice evening out, especially for Mom. She doesn't get out much anymore.

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