Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Latest projects

I made a top from the red lipstick knit fabric that I bought from "Mood Fabrics" in NYC. I also created a handbag from a pair of size 2 DKNY red jeans that I bought at a thrift store. The bag went together pretty quickly. I finished it at the retreat. When I got back home I added the yo yo's, rhinestone hearts and silver steer charm. The bag holds a lot. It's lightweight and is comfortable to carry.

Using my Japanese fabric

Kevin has brought me lots of fabric from Japan. It's hard to think of what to make with it. I wanted to be sure that the project to turned out well so I used a tried and true pattern. I decided to make Kevin a "smoking jacket" from a rust and navy striped silk. First I prewashed the fabric. Then I had to sew large lengths of it together since it was only about 12" wide. I had an entire bolt but I still had to use a navy rayon for the back. I used the same pattern that I used for Andy's smoking jacket.

I bought Kevin some navy sweatpants and silky shorts to go with the jacket. I sent it to him for his birthday on February 10th.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's Clever

I was just googling HGTV and That's Clever and found another Houston artist who was filmed in 2007. She has some good pictures on her website ( I am usually the photographer in the family. I was so excited during my filming that I only took one photo and it just shows the legs of the director.

That's Clever is back on the air but the 400 series is being broadcast now. My segment is in HCLVR-516. Hopefully, I will not need to wait another year. But, if I do, I will probably say "gee, look how young I looked back then!"

Anyone reading my blog who has the chance, please contact HGTV at and tell them how thrilled you are that That's Clever is back on the air. I'm sure that the more positive feedback they receive the better.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last night Mom and I went to play bunco at the Society for the Hearing Impaired. We go with other members of our red hat group. This is the third year that we've gone. It's rained every time. Thanks to Mary for picking up Mom. I stayed at the office for an extra hour and listened to my Japanese tape. Otherwise, I'd have to drive home and turn right around and leave again.

The donation is $25/person. There is food and doorprizes. I bought some raffle tickets and won the lottery ticket wreath. I won $2 on one ticket and 2 free tickets on another. I hope the free tickets are winners.

The doorprizes were really good this year. Mom got a $50 gift certificate to Rudi Lechner's Restaurant and a tote bag. I won 2 tickets to Main Street Theater. I also won a ceramic cat that nobody else wanted. The cat looks like Sizzle except that it is gray. Maybe I'll paint it red tabby.

It was a nice evening out, especially for Mom. She doesn't get out much anymore.

Galveston sight seeing trip

This past Sunday, 2/08/09, Jim and I drove to Galveston. We meant to go over the holiday break but never got around to it. The city actually looked pretty good. Most of the trash has been removed. The areas by the Sea Wall seemed the same as before. But, then we got down to the Flagship hotel. It's on a pier over the bay. Now it's shuttered up and one the driveways is in ruins

We drove to the Strand and there were very few shops open. I didn't even go shopping! When we got home Mom wanted to know what I brought her. She's gotten spoiled. She couldn't believe that I hadn't gone into any stores.

I sure hope this next hurricane season is not as bad.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More photos from retreat

Here are more photos of the sewing retreat. I have included photos of the grounds of the Northwest Conference Center. The weather was beautiful so I walked around a bit.
I have also included some photos of the participants.

My Sewing Filled Weekend

This past weekend, Jan 29 - Feb 1, I was at a ASG sewing "retreat." I don't like the name "retreat." Maybe "extravaganza" would be better.

I've been going on these retreats since 2002 with the exception of last year. The first year I didn't really know anyone and asked to be assigned a roommate. That's how I first met Marguerite Corbello. We got along great. She did pass her nasty cold on to me, though. We roomed together most of these years. In 2006 she invited a third woman, Barbara Rogers. That was okay because we had a living room with a sofa bed and a bedroom with 2 beds. Barbara complained that I snored.

In 2007 the 3 of us were rooming together again. At the last minute our retreat center, Del Lago Resort closed down. The Northwest Conference Center took us in. But, they don't have extra sofa beds or cots. I had to sleep in the same bed with Marguerite. Barbara slept on the sofa. It was no where near as nice as Del Lago. We were all in the same room together. I gave Barbara earplugs and I wore a "breathe right" strip but still she commented on my snoring. It's a good thing she doesn't have to sleep with the snoring champion, my husband!

The retreat was overbooked. 80 women showed up because there was a nationally known instructor, Connie Crawford. The class may have worked for 30 women - though that would probably be too many. The instructions were not good, no powerpoint, no video. We made individual pant patterns. We each had to wait while Connie went around working on our patterns. Mostly all I did was wait. There was no space to sew anything. I did get to visit with a lot of people.

Marguerite didn't want to go in 2008. I wasn't very enthusiastic after my last experience so I didn't go either.

Marguerite couldn't go this year but Mary Haper could. So, we roomed together. There were 28 women at the retreat. We each had our own table. There were irons, boards and a cutting table. Everyone pretty much did their own thing. I finished a t-shirt and jeans purse (like the one I saw the week before in San Antonio). I worked on a present for Kevin plus I cut out a jacket for myself.
Mary and I got along great.

It was nice to reconnect with women I'd met on previous retreats - especially Jodie Urbano from Galveston.
I got to know Jeannie, Pam, Hazel and her daughter, Lisa better. I met a first time retreater, Robbie. Plus I visited with Constance, Georgia, Martha and Pat. I always enjoy talking to Alice - she has so many projects going. Bonnie came, even though she just had surgery. Suzy Seed is our new chapter president and she made sure to visit with each of us.

It was really a lot of fun. I'm glad I brought my good machine (its first outing) so I could get a lot done, too.