Monday, February 22, 2010

this weekend

I get a four day weekend every week since I work part time. It's not a weekend if I don't make something or at least accomplish something. It's Monday, the last day of my "weekend" and I have done some straightening up in my studio. I also screwed up my serger again. It just came back from the repair shop. I put something too thick under the foot, broke a needle and now the needles keep coming unthreaded. I'll have to get the manual and try to figure out the problem.

My biggest accomplishment: cleaning the refrigerator and going grocery shopping. My sweet hubby assisted with both these tasks. I just can't do it alone anymore. I tore my achilles' tendon almost a year ago. Every step I take is painful so I have really slowed down. The doctor says I'm getting better and a year isn't too long for recovery of this kind of injury.

2 days of every weekend I go for physical therapy. It is only an hour of therapy but the whole going and returning, etc. take 2 hours. Plus, now I want to sit in the hot tub after so that adds another hour.

I want to create. I have a big jacket making project in mind. First, the studio has to be tidied up so I can get to my cutting table and my sewing machine.

So, I'm feeling a bit frustrated today.

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