Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easter Tree

I made an Easter Tree this weekend. The branch is made from a big metal rod covered in styrofoam and black tape. I got it at an estate sale a few months ago. The pink lights also came from an estate sale. The flowers from a dollar store, the eggs from a thrift store and the brass container was out in our garage.

It came out really cute and so PINK. I burned the tip of my finger making this project. I was poking in styrofoam and my index finger went right through it and got covered in hot glue. I had to fight through 2 cats and a dog to get to the sink. I'm usually so good about keeping ice water close by when I use my glue gun. Guess I learned my lesson - again.

I think it makes a good cherry blossom tree, too.

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Anonymous said...

How Cute! I guess I didn't see it when at your house, but I saw the photo on Shutterfly. I guess it was worth burning your finger...