Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jim is in a special bed now in ICU. It rotates his body so he doesn't get bed sores. His latest pain med is still working well for him. He is in a positive mood, at least when I'm with him.

I try to stay positive when I'm with him, too. But, I'm having a hard time keeping it together today.

I relish every step I take knowing that it is a wonderful thing to be able to move. He's sleeping now so I'm in the hospital's hospitality suite. Guess I need to go eat something good for me. I go back home to sleep at night.

I have no answers (anymore than the neurosurgeon) about what the future will hold for Jim. I guess the immediate danger is past since they are moving him to the neurology floor later today.

Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Joanne, You and Jim are in my prayers all day every day. I can't even imagine how this must be for you. My heart aches for both of you.



Anonymous said...

Mrs. Carpentar,

Your husband and you will be in my prayers.

Sandra G.