Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011: ASG meeting

Last Saturday our neighborhood ASG group met in a new-old location.  8 years ago (approximately) we used to meet at the Eleanor Freed Library on Montrose.  Then the funding cuts made the library close on Saturdays so we moved around a bit.

I volunteered to do the program because our location is in the middle of my prime shopping grounds.  There are some really good thrift stores in the area  I love shopping in thrift stores.  It's kind of like hunting for treasure.  Plus, I can actually buy several items without spending too much money.

My program was showing off some of my thrift store finds that I upcycled.  These pictures are of jackets and robe that were way too small for me.  The fabrics were lovely.  I removed the sleeves and used the fabric to add inserts to the side seams.  Voila, clothes that fit me!

The red vest was made from a Japanese robe that was actually made in Japan.  I sewed this vest long before I knew that I would have a Japanese daughter-in-law.  I loved the colors and design of the robe's fabric.
I added fabric from the sleeves of a jacket and inserted it into the side seams to make this black vest.

This blue vest combines a jacket and applique pieces from another vest.

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Suella said...

Thanks for the great idea that I could make a garment bigger by inserting sleeve material. You have just made my wardrobe expand exponentially, as I have quite a few things that have just now become slightly too tight.

Much appreciated.