Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011

My episode on "That's Clever" aired again. I even got a couple of comments. One person wants the pattern. I can't find the instructions that I wrote up for HGTV. Maybe I have it on the office computer.

I wish I had time to do some sewing this weekend. I've been spending my free time changing out my closets from hot to cooler weather clothes. Sweaters and jackets take up a lot more room than summer tops.

The kitties are having a wonderful time jumping in and out of the closet and sleeping on top of clothes as I try to sort them.

We won't get to play"dress up" for Halloween this year. Lupita didn't want to spend all day with us again. I can't blame her. She's over every day doing something with Jim and/or Mom.

I'm glad that we went to Kemah last year. Maybe next year...

A couple of years ago we went to one of Andy's friend's halloween party. I still can't believe that he has cut me out of his life. I can't say anymore about him in this blog.

I'm tearing up again. later...

Here we are in 2009:
I can't find last year's photo.

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