Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012: Tomorrow is our 12th anniversary.

Two years ago today I was the handicapped one.  I had just had my torn achilles fixed and my knee replaced.  The future could only be brighter, right? 

Was I ever wrong!  I still think that the horrible accident couldn't possibly have happened to Jim.  I must just be having a nightmare.


 I found out a couple of days after our 12th anniversary that my husband had proposed to Claudia and even given her an engraved engagement ring in July.  I will never understand how he could have treated me so badly.  He had a post office box set up so she could send him mail, too.  He would have Lupita drive him there to pick up his mail.

When I found out about his betrayal I told him that he needed to move out.  He "fired" Claudia and asked if he could stay.  I thought that maybe his accident had given him a brain injury so I took him back to TIRR for brain testing.  His results were normal.

Despite that I continued marriage counseling with him until December.  During our last session he announced that he not only didn't love me, he didn't even like me and he wasn't sorry for what he did.

Two days later on 12-12-2012 I filed for divorce.

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