Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 20, 2013: my new ORANGE car

Last Monday I went to the Subaru dealer to check out smaller models.  I don't need the big cumbersome Outback since I don't have a wheelchair to haul anymore.

I wanted to test drive the Impreza hatchback.  It is pretty low to the ground.  My salesman at Gillman Subaru South, Mo suggested I try out the Crosstrek.  It's 8 inches higher from the ground than the Impreza so it's easier to get into.  Plus the extra height is an advantage driving in Houston's giant rainstorms.

The Crosstrek is smaller than the Outback, larger than the Impreza and the Mazda 3.  It's hard to get a higher car that is small.  The Crosstrek has a big cargo space when the back seats are folded down.

I test drove the Crosstrek.  Then I asked Mo to get it up to 60mph and slam on the brakes.  He even took his hands off the wheel and the car stopped straight.

After my Mazda 3 did 360 degree wheelies on I-45 when my rear tire blew out,  the Subaru's ability to stop straight is a very important selling point for me.

I went back to the dealer after work yesterday and bought the Crosstrek that Gillman had in stock.  I thought about getting a white one and painting it Pepto Bismol pink but decided on the "tangerine pearl" one.  It's a great very saturated shade of orange.

This is the first time that I've bought a car by myself.  I chose the accessories that are important to me.  I hated the rear view camera on my Outback.  It made things look so much farther away than they actually are.  I bought it because S_head wanted it.  He also wanted the big engine, a moon roof and flood lights under the car.  I don't need that stuff.

I wanted a mirror with a compass, back seat cargo nets and ORANGE leather seats.  So, I got all that plus a 7 year golden warranty plan.  I ended up driving out paying just a little over $400.00 for everything and I got the car that I wanted.

My salesman is Mo Hmar-Lagroun.  His cell is 281-250-4068.

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