Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31, 2013

I went to the 11:10 AM showing of "The Host" with a meetup group this morning.  I don't usually go to AMC First Colony.  It was already busy so early on a Sunday morning.

I haven't read the book yet.  I'm sure if I had read it first, I would have enjoyed the movie more.  It was okay but a bit too long.

We went to a Thai restaurant for lunch.  I got to eat peanut chicken - hurray, no more lapband!

I always get turned around in Sugarland.  There are few street signs.  I couldn't even find the theater.  It's hidden behind the mall.  A sign would have helped.

I thought I'd shop after lunch.  The stores were all closed.  I don't remember stores closing for Easter.

Next weekend the painter has to redo the dining room.  He put latex over enamel.  The paint just started peeling onto the floor.  I'm sure it was another language problem.  No way would I have approved of the latex.  So, now I will have 2 more weekends of a house stinking of oil based paint.  He has to sand the walls and prime next weekend.  The following weekend he'll paint with the enamel.  Maybe I'll bring a sleeping bag to the office - not.  I'll wait and see how bad it is.

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