Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

Sweetsie and my pink poodle tissue box!

I have had a fascination with pink poodles since I was a little girl.  I must have seen a stuffed animal or a picture of one somewhere.

Now I have a real living pink poodle!  I got an okay from the vet to dye her.  First I gave her a bath and rinsed her well.  Then I did a final rinse with 2 quarts of water with about a third of a packet of strawberry lemonade sugar free drink mix dissolved in it.

Her white fur took the color so quickly.  I didn't think she would turn such a pretty color.  When she lets me brush her she's looks like a little stuffed toy.

I tried to get her to pose with my group of pink poodles.  She was just too excited.  I put her on a table with my small tissue box and she posed so nicely.  I would have tried to get a better photo without all that reflection from the table but I felt lucky to get the photo at all.

Sweetsie got more than her usual attention last night when I walked her.  The neighbors shouldn't be too surprised.  After all, I painted a pink poodle on my mailbox.

My pink poodle mail box is now installed by my front door.

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