Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013: Match.com

Today I cancelled my Match.com account.  Every day Match would email me with 24 "matches."
These men rarely were compatible with what I was looking for.  I would go through their profiles.  It was disheartening to read profiles that only jived with my search criteria in terms of being "male."

I didn't match what they wanted either.

90% of the "matches" I received were for men looking for "slender" or "athletic and toned" women.  I am neither of those.  More than half of these men were far from being slender or athletic and toned themselves.  (Oh, to be a man and have such a wonderful body image of myself!)

 I also listed myself as "spiritual but not religious."  I'd get profiles of men stating how they were looking for the woman "god meant " for them to meet and men whose only reading material was the bible.

I'm a liberal and I'd get profiles of men who listed themselves as ultra-conservative.  (I don't understand how someone "religious" can reconcile himself with being "ultra-conservative."  But, that would entail an entirely different post.)

There are other dating websites that are far superior to Match.com and some of them are free.  One site doesn't allow anyone more than 13 years younger or older contact you.  I love this site! Another free site gives you the opportunity to answer a variety of questions.  When you open up a man's profile there is a tab "y'all have issues."  Click on that tab and you can compare your answers to theirs.  What a great website!

I've given out my card to some of the men I've met.   I am not going to name these sites just in case one them were to check my blog.  Let them do their own web research.

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