Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally got some sewing done

Last week I started a reversible jacket using Project Runway fabric. In 1995 I made a jacket from this pattern that I call my "going to the cat show" jacket. It's fully lined so I figured why not make it reversible. I folded up the hem to make it shorter and also to add a band of different fabric on one side. I tried having a collar on one side only. It was too bulky so I used binding around the neckline and down the front.

I tapered the sleeves to make it easier to wear. Unfortunately, I tapered the sleeves before I attached them to the body of the jacket. So, the jacket has ended up being smaller than I wanted. But it's still pretty cute. I want to wear it to the ASG retreat in 2 weeks.

I made a purse with a secret tonight. I found the directions kind of confusing but I successfully made it using upholstery fabric.

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