Sunday, January 25, 2009

San Antonio trip

Friday I went on a bus trip to San Antonio to the Sewing and Creative Inspiration Show. The bus was going to leave from Bear Creek Community Center at 8AM. Last time I drove out there it took FORever and I got lost. This time my friend, Alice sent out a link with directions. I left the house at 6:30 and arrived by 7:00. The directions were great, the construction on I-10 was mostly done. I was the first to arrive - a first in itself!

On the bus I was able to catch up with some women from the wearables bee that I was a member of back in my past life - Charlotte, Marge. I went to the bee about 5 years ago (when it took so long). I plan on attending their February meeting and maybe joining up again. The group used to meet at the Tracy Gee Center which is much closer to me. The group inspired me to try new things back then. I hope to find that inspiration with them again.

The sewing show was pretty small. That was okay with me since we were only staying about 5 hours. I was able to visit all the vendors plus take 2 classes. First I took a re-making jeans class. Actually, it was more of a trunk show but I did learn a few things. I bought the power drill that the instructor was selling to apply bleach to denim. It uses a grinding stone bit that doesn't drip and the drill has a very slow speed setting.

Next I had a class with Kathy Ruddy. She's pretty full of herself but had some very good ideas. She showed us a simple way to do bound buttonholes. I swore I'd never bind another buttonhole but I'll try her method. They do look really nice on a jacket.
I bought a custom cut jacket pattern from her. For $6 you get a paper pattern piece that she customizes for you plus an instruction booklet. I need to try out the pattern soon before I forget all her hints.

This show had a lot to offer in a compact package. The bus trip was a bit long but very relaxing. I certainly would do it again.

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