Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sizzle was the world's best cat!

Jim and I took to Sizzle yesterday to be euthanized. It was different from when I took Beansie. Beansie died instantly. Sizzle had to have 2 shots. I got to say goodbye to him more completely than Beansie.

I hadn't realized that Jim was so attached to Sizzle. He was very upset.

I will miss Sizzle every day for a long, long time. He was such a part of my life. I couldn't sit down without him jumping up on me. He had lost most of his hearing in the end so I could sneak into the house without him catching me. Then I could read a magazine and leave my good black pants on until he came looking for me. Sizzle demanded all my attention when he sat on me. All I could do was hold him and watch TV.

We buried Sizzle near the mesa and put my cement cat statue there as a marker. It makes the perfect headstone for his grave.

I was so lucky to have had the world's best cat for almost 17 years of my life!

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