Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Requiem for my cat, Sizzle

On March 16, 1992 my cat Sizzle was born. He was the last of a litter of 6. I came into the room just moments after he was born. His momma was in a little house (igloo) in the extra bathroom with the other kittens. Sizzle was laying on the cold tile floor. I thought he was dead. I picked him up and put him next to his momma. She moved and he rolled right out onto the tile again. I put him further back into the igloo.

By the following day, he was the most aggressive nurser of the litter. He seemed to be his momma's favorite, too. He has his mother's coloring - red tabby (Oriental Shorthair).

As he grew up, he decided that I was his favorite. He followed me around and jumped in my lap whenever I sat down. When I left the house, he cried until I returned.

Later, when I moved out of the house (leaving it to my then husband and a secretary from his office) I took Sizzle with me. I also took my little Burmese, Beansie. Poor Sizzle missed his siblings and momma cat terribly. He cried for days and I held him.

When I moved from my apartment to a townhouse, he was content just being with me. The same when I moved to my new house. He didn't care about his new surroundings. He was happy being with me. Poor Beansie was very upset with each move.

Now, Sizzle is dying. He has been treated for high blood pressure for about a year now. But, he doesn't respond well to the medicines. I've had him on about 5 different meds. They work for a little while and then his blood pressure just goes back up again.

He doesn't want to eat anymore. He is losing control of his bowels and his nose bleeds. I have him in my bathroom on his heating pad. He looks miserable. I'm leaning towards taking him to the vet to be put down. Animals don't have to suffer like humans. We can put an animal out of its misery. I'm not sure how miserable Sizzle is. Last night he seemed so scared but this morning he is just sitting quietly. He looks up at me but he doesn't want to be touched.

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