Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011: getting in the groove

Things seem a little easier now. I guess it helps that I have adjusted to our new routine at home.

I wake up at 5:30 AM everyday so I can let Jim's first caregiver in at 6 AM. I've starting waking up without the alarm.

I've become accustomed to Jim sleeping in a hospital bed in the dining room. It still jolts me every time I see him in his wheelchair or when a caregiver has to lift him in and out of bed. That will probably go away with time, also.

Jim continues to work very hard on his recovery. He thinks he will be walking by Halloween. Walking will help straighten out his digestive system, decrease muscle spasms, etc.

Last year at this time I was the one in a wheelchair while I recuperated from knee replacement surgery. Now I look back at that time as the "good old days." Then I still had a mobile husband and my son still was in contact with me.

I've lost an awful lot these last months. Jim and I used to go out to eat, shop at estate sales, go to movies frequently. We had a lot of fun together. My son used to welcome me dropping by his apartment after work or meeting for lunch. These activities are all gone for now.

I have been able to do a little bit of sewing. I appliqued onesies for my grandson-to-be. I lunch with a group of women on Wednesdays after work. I'm working on reclaiming parts of my life. I meant to attend a HAFA meeting last night but I forgot all about it. I'll try again next month.

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Khris said...

I am new to your blog Joanne so am not sure of the story behind your darling Jim....I am sorry to hear things are tough strong and be positive...big hugs to you,