Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011: new milestone

This morning Jim got out of bed and into his wheelchair with very little assistance from me. This was the first time we didn't have someone else assist him. He felt confident enough to do it with just me.

Little Stella was spayed and declawed on Wednesday. I picked her up on Thursday. She was so happy to be home. She didn't act like she was in any pain. She didn't hold a paw up in the air like the other kitties did. I kept her in my room for 2 nights. She seemed so well that I let her out with the boys. She has to use special litter until her paws heal. She's been very good about going in her own box. She has a very loud purrbox and is so sweet.

My phlebitis is still bothering me. I think it's a bit better tonight. Lupita massaged my leg the other night and that really helped to move the blood upwards. I'm going to look for a vein specialist. It has been very difficult to care for my 2 invalids and try to keep my leg elevated. I want to look into the new treatments available now. I had the veins stripped in 1988. My ankles immediately turned black & blue and have stayed that way ever since. I've had phlebitis several times since then so the treatment didn't last.

Kevin called last night and then we got onto Skype. I was able to see Kevin & Tomoko. Tomoko has a nice big belly. She has less than a month to go until the baby is due. She was so sweet to let me see her belly. She looks the same all over and then there's the belly. She looks so cute.

They received my package full of baby things that I made. I knitted a blankie, sweater, hat and booties. Then I appliqued ties onto onesies. I only wish I had more time to sew. My free time is extremely limited. I have more free time at work than I do at home.

Jim is in bed now. He's already called for me once. It's hard to have to wake up several times during the night to help him. But, I got to take a nice nap this afternoon. On the nights when I work Jim hired a helper to spend the night. That way I can get a good night's sleep and go to work rested.

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