Monday, July 4, 2011

July 3, 2011: Jim's Birthday!

We ended up having a pretty big day for Jim's birthday. My cousin Rick and his girlfriend Roseanne came in from Laredo. They cooked a wonderful luncheon for us - fennel salad, shrimp cocktail, a huge piece of salmon, lemon pasta and asparagus. The salmon was baked on a bed of citrus slices and served rare. I'd never heard of rare salmon. But, that is definitely the way it should be eaten! It was wonderful. Rick and Roseanne love to cook and eat out at fine restaurants. Houston has lots of great restaurants for them to try.
Jimmy and Lupita came for lunch, too. I made Jim a big dish of sugar free jello and the rest of us had angel food cake with jello.
After that we played dominoes with Jimmy and Lupita.

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