Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014: Vein Zapping tomorrow

Last summer I returned home from Hawaii with a case of phlebitis in my right leg.  The damned airplane seat was so squashed that there was scarcely any leg room.  I got up and walked around often, did leg exercises to no avail.  I lost a week at work and spent many boring days with my legs up.

So, tomorrow I'm getting the saphonous vein in my right leg zapped.  Dr Charles West will use a laser unless he finds that he needs to do surgery.  I had vein stripping the old fashioned way back in 1988 but my doc says that they missed this big old vein somehow.  I know there is more air travel in my future since Kevin lives in Tokyo.  The zapping will help prevent a recurrence.

I hope I'm through with needing to have anesthesia for a few years.  I had an endoscopy at the end of January.  It weakened me and I ended up sick with a cold/asthma.

This time around I will make myself take it easier.  I don't want to get sick again.  The problem is I hate sitting around recuperating.  The weather is very pleasant now and there are just so many things I want to do!

Yesterday I walked to the student center for lunch.  I admired all the azaleas along the way.

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