Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014: Unveiling the Mummy Leg

ready for the new bandage
Today I returned to Dr West's office to get my bandages removed.  Above is the photo that doesn't look too bad.    The doc said the surgery was a success and that I wouldn't get phlebitis in these spots anymore.  This will save me a bunch of money by not forcing me to buy first class airline tickets.

I'm still getting tired easily and I can't stand for very long.  My biggest limitation is having to keep my leg elevated.

I have an ottoman under my desk at the office.  Hopefully none of the faculty will have big old books for me to copy.  Then it shouldn't be too bad.

Here are some of the other worse looking photos.  These won't show up on the blurb on facebook.

pulling off the old bandage

before  getting cleaned up

my new bandage

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