Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011: better news today

Little Stella doesn't have a fever today! The vet says she should still stay isolated until tomorrow. I think I'm going to let her out when I get home.

I'm meeting a friend, Phyllis for dinner this evening. We're going to La Guadalajara. I haven't eaten Tex-Mex in ages!

I need to start having a bit of a social life again. I went to an ASG meeting on Saturday. I signed up for a beading class on Monday mornings. I can't just stay home and wait on invalids. I wish I could do some things with Jim. He needs to grow strong enough to do his own transfers. Then we could go places again.

Yesterday I was so busy all day. I took the kitten to the vet, cleaned up my studio so I could keep Stella in there, cooked a big lunch for the 3 of us. I answered the phone a gazillion times - it was either the lawyer, repairmen or an insurance company. Answering the phone wouldn't have been work if I had carried the phone with me. I had to jump over pets, avoid wheelchairs and walkers to get to a phone. Plus answer the doorbell, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, etc.

I think I need another part time job so I won't feel so tired. I used to love spending my days off at home sewing. I guess once we get into a routine I might be able to have some time to sew again.

Life is just so damned difficult. I no longer feel suicidal but I do still question why a person should keep on living and risk more tragedies. I guess that is the point - just keep living.

Life would be easier if I could get into religion. I envy the people who are able to believe that everything happens for a reason, that a higher power is taking a personal interests in their lives. But, a shared delusion is still a delusion. That must be why the "holy people" get so angry if you don't go along with their beliefs. I think if they were secure in their religious beliefs, they would not attack the agnostics and atheists of the world. Why are some people so up in arms about no prayer in school, what religion a leader practices, keeping "God" on our currency? In my opinion they should be celebrating that they have a belief system and let other people have theirs.

But, I digress (ha, ha). Next week we're getting a new A/C system. It will be nice to have a comfortable home again.

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